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?) What is your Privacy Policy?

    I don't know if this is considered a "valid" Privacy Policy but nevertheless I wish all the visitors to my site to know this: I do not collect any information on anyone using cookies or log files. I do not keep track of who sends cards to whom. I read my web site logs mostly to find our who is stealing bandwidth by hot linking to my graphics. If you write to me and request to be added to the list I keep for Card Site Updates I will add your name and email you a little notice when I add new cards. I will not sell or provide for free your email address to others. Your email address will be in *blind carbon copy* form in updates so that it cannot be extracted by the spammers. If your mail box is full I will NOT resend the update.

    ?) What's with these "FatCow" ads on your pages?

    FatCow is the company that I hosts my web site. I put their ad and a link to them on each page because their services are the best around as far as I am concerned. I have saved so much money with them and now have 25 Gig of storage space for my files and Gig transfer each month, all for only $99.00 per YEAR! Plus I get 24/7 tech help and can have up to 100 email addresses. If they are going to do repairs or change anything they do it in the middle of the night and always send me an email well ahead of time. If you are thinking of getting a host for your web site I highly recommend them. If you click on a link from my site and sigh up with them I will get a little bonus.

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    ?) Why am I not able to get to a card or page from your site by clicking on the address in Email? When I click on the address nothing happens!

      This happens mostly with AOL users because the email links are handled differently in their Email Program.
      If the *Address* does NOT show *Colored* in your E-mail
      1): Highlight the entire *Address* beginning with http:
      2): Choose 'COPY' from EDIT Menu
      3): Choose 'PASTE' from EDIT Menu to paste the *Address* into the 'GO' Bar of your Browser replacing any other Address located there.
      4): Hit GO and Enjoy!


    ?) Why shouldn't I link to your files? I am using a free web site service or I on webtv and cannot download files.

      When one of my graphics is accessed by another person's web page or email via the URL use like ** then MY PROVIDER is tapped for the resource. I already pay extra to store/show my the graphics just so people can see them and use them for free. My graphics must be downloaded off my site and stored on your own computer or space provided by your Internet Provider or I will have to quit providing them. If 1000 people link to their favorite graphic on my site you can imagine the cost my provider will eventually charge me. I honestly cannot afford to provide users free access through this URL linking.

      When I review the logs for my web site I can tell that the graphics on my site continue to be *linked* and not downloaded by the users on,,, and Even worse, my files are linked to as email signature files of *Hotmail* users and other freebie email sites. Thus they end up in forwards of forwarded mail that is forwarded time and time again and each time my provider is tapped for the graphic. I am concerned that eventually I will be forced to remove my site.

      WebTV users can use something called a "Transloader" that will download and upload the graphics they wish to use in conjunction with their web pages. If you need a transloader I have been told that the Transloader at is an easy one to use.

      Many times I will visit a page on a *free* web page site or a check the logs for visitors to my site, and when I check the source code I find each graphic link is a complete URL to a graphic on another provider or to a graphic on my web site. This is in essence stealing. This practice steals bandwidth that has to be paid for by someone other than the person who is doing the linking.


    ?) How do I *download* a file?

      To download a file:
      Click on download link.
      From the drop-down menu:
      1) Choose SAVE AS
      2) BROWSE to the Folder or Directory where you store downloaded files
      3) Choose SAVE
      You can view the animated gifs in your browser. You must unzip the midi files to use them. Some files like midi files you have to name yourself so be sure to look at the name of the file before you save and respond appropriately.


    ?) I just installed a newer version of Netscape and now the midi files no longer play. What is the cause of this?

      I had this happen to me when I installed Netscape 7. I ended up getting the QuickTime Plugin in order to have the midi files play in my browser. In times past I have installed Crescendo in order to make my Netscape play midi files again. I also had to reinstall windows media player so the midi files would play in IE. With all the new programs folks are installing to play media files something is bound and determined to take over an association with the ".mid" extension. "Keep your eyes peeled", as my dad used to say.

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Updated January 10, 2017

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