Christmas Swag
My Christmas Wish
Christmas Swag

If I could have a Christmas wish.
Yes, if such things could be.
There are somethings that I'd wish for
that are just for you from me.

I know I'd wish when you wake up
the Christmas day to start
You'd find yourself a-smiling
from a peace within your heart.

And I would wish your mind at peace -
as you think about next year.
And freedom from all worries
and freedom from all fear.

And I would wish you joyfulness
and strength to reach your goal
And deep, abiding peacefulness,
And wellness in your soul.

I know I may not get my wish
but if I could - it's true -
A Deep, Abiding, Heart-felt Peace
Is my Christmas Wish for you.
m.garren © 12-20-95

Christmas Swag



















































Christmas Swag
Wishing You A Joyous Christmas
And A Blessed New Year






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