Once upon a time
there was a Snow Thingy named Rock.
As far as he knew,
HE was the only Snow Thingy
in the whole wide world.





































Once upon the same time and *very nearby*
there was another Snow Thingy named Flower.
However, Flower had never seen Rock.
So, as far as she knew,
SHE was the only Snow Thingy
in the whole wide world.






































And it came to pass one Winter's Day
Rock spotted Flower in the distance.
He did not know quite what to think.
She kinda LOOKED like a Snow Thingy
.. only *different*.
















































Then... Rock got very excited!
He began to wave
his little stick arm at Flower.
wave... wave... wave!
He was almost certain
... She Was A Snow Thingy!















































Just as Rock began waving,
Flower spotted Him!
He looked *strange* to her.
She began to think...
he *almost* looks like
... a Snow Thingy...
She just *Gawked* at him
for the longest time.
















































Then... all at once...
she *realised*...
He was Just Like Her
only Different!
Her heart skipped a beat and
she began to wave back!
wavie~~ wavie~~~ Wavie~~~
















































By the time Flower began waving
back at Rock...
He was so terribly excited...
He began to wave BOTH
of his little stick arms.
waving~~~ Waving ~~ waving
















































When Flower saw Rock waving like that
then she also got very excited
and proceeded to wave
BOTH her little stick arms.
wavies~~~ Wavies ~~ wavies ~~~















































They spent hours waving frantically to each other.
They looked idiotic ... they did not care...
They had finally found someone...
Someone Just Like Themselves... only different.















































Their story made me think of You

... Because.. YOU'RE
only different!






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