Oh Hey!
I just want you to know
I am thinking of YOU This Birthday *

This Auspicious rememberance day
of your entrance into this world.

One Special Day In One Special Year.



















































So Anyway,
what I thought I would like to do,
to honor YOU on this Special Day, is
hire some *speciality dancers* to dance for you.
Perhaps some *Peek A Boo* dancers...
Because, as EverYone KnOws,
You Deserve something REally Special!




















































Opening my trusty "Shop4LessThanUsual" program, I logged on to chargAdance.com.

Painstackingly each descriptive adjective was added until a veritable plethora of cleverly devised phrases combined to form the database.

When I was confident I had ordered something that would please the heart of any man on his birthday, I hit the *SUBMIT* icon.





















































For Your Delight and Pleasure
On this Auspicious Birthday of Yours
I proudly present the
Famous ~Peek-A-Boo~ DaNCerS!









































































































Perhaps I should have run Spell Checker
Oh Well... 'Peek' or 'Peck'
It's the ThOught that Counts Right?

Happy Birthday Dad






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