Ok... So Here it IS...
In all it's GlOrY...
The Unabridged Tale Of
Berford & Berette,
The Frog Lovers




















































A Long lOng time agO -
Way before frog legS became knOwn
aS A *taStY DeLight* -
In a pond far awaY...
there dwelt a mOSt miserable,
utterly dejected, and LOneSOme
Male frOggY named Berford.
(that's *him*!) ----> animated frog <--- (Berford!)      



























UnBeknOwnSt tO Berford,
bUt VERY nearby...
A BeaUTifUL LadY frOg named Berette,
was alSo feeling intensely the
*pangS of LOnginG* fOr
SOmeOne with whom tO Share
Her mundane existence.
(that's *her*!) ---> animated frog <--- (Berette!)      



























So Anyway... As fate wOUld have it...
one sunny morning in the middle of Spring,
Berford hOpped a bit farther south than usual...
& Berette hopped a bit farther north than usual
and well... they kinda *spotted* each other!
SO... TheY stOpped tO gawk and flirt a bit.

(he flirts!) ---> Berford          Berette <--- (she flirts!)



























You can prObablY ImaGine the ReSt Of The Story.
He looked *WANTONLY* at her & made....

Berford          Berette
And She... Like Some BRAZEN HuSSy...



























He got rather *FRESH* with her!



























Berette was not one to be outdone...
So... She just got *fresh* right back!



























and before you could say...
"Jack Sprat could eat no fat"
They gOt terribly Carried AWaY!



























And the ReSt of the STorY  ??
Well, Let's jUSt say...
Berford and Berette became known as
*The infamous Frog Lovers*
so often referred to in Romantic Literature.



























Berford          Berette
So... What'S New over
in YOUR neck of the WoOdS?






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