Ok... So Here it IS...
Another Unabridged Tale Of
Berford & Berette,
The Infamous Frog Lovers




















































Long long ago -
In a pond far awaY...
there dwelt a most endearing couple,
known far and wide, as
Berford & Berette,
"Infamous Frog Lovers"

(that's *him*!)--> animated frog animated frog <--(that's *her*!)



























Whenever they would get bored,
they would practice *flirting* with each other.

(he flirts!)--> Berford          Berette <--(she flirts!)

He would look *WANTONLY* at her
and *Make The KISS FACE*!
And She, Like Some BraZen HuSSy,
would make the *Kissyface* right back!



























Quite often, just for fun,
He would get rather *FRESH* with her!



























And quite often, just for fun,
She just got *fresh* right back!



























They would have lengthy contests
to see who could be the
*freshest* for the longest.
They were pretty evenly matched though,
so it was almost always a tie.



























Then 0ne day,
out of the middle of nowhere,
Berette suprised the daylights out of Berford!

She made the *goo goo eyes*!



























Berford pretended he wasn't at all impressed
but inside... his mind REELED!

animated frog animated frog
Mentally he practiced for the showdown.
Silently he sat, biding his time.



























At last the moment came!
Berette made a *flirty* on Berford and

Berford made the *GOO GOO EYES* on her!





















































Now... It has gotten out of hand but
they don't even seem to care!
animated frog
So... What'S New with you these days?






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