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Our Friend Who's Gone Away
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We really didn't have her long - Our friend whose gone away.
And if things could be different I confess I'd have her stay
With us and bless us with her friendship and her smile,
She grew so very dear to us in such a little while.

Now we all are lonesome - Each heart has an empty space-
That wants to feel her hand again and see her smiling face -
And hear her speak so gently, and just be with us each day.
We miss her and we're grieving for - Our Friend whose gone away.

But I am very thankful -There is peace within my soul -
For I know she's with Jesus - I know He has made her whole.
And I know too I'll see her when He calls me from this place,
And when I go to live with Him - I know I'll see her face.

So as I write these words and I remember our Dear Friend.
I am thankful that He loaned her to us at the very end.
How precious are His thoughts toward us -
How wondrous are His ways -
He sent us such a lovely soul to bless and fill our days.

m.garren orig. ©3-29-95



















































With Deepest Sympathy and
Tender Loving Thoughts
For You and Yours
At This Difficult Time






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