Heard You're Having a Tough Time
It made me so sad
tears gif
So... thought I'd Cheer you up
by reminding you things COULD be worse!









































































































Like, for instance...
you could have been
Trapped in a broken elevator
for Three Hours
with SIX of the Udink brothers
who just spent the Entire afternoon
in a *musical fruit* eating contest at
the Bandito Burritos All You Can Eat Buffet
and just when you we're SURE it was *your Time*
to meet the Spectre Of Death personally,
the elevator got fixed and you were rescued
only to drive home and get out of the car and
step in a *doggy surprise* which you didn't
notice until AFTER you had tracked it
all over the carpet in the house.





















































So you see

Now doesn't THAT make you Feel a Lot better?






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