OK.. SO...
I've been *thinking* of yOU AgAin...
and I thought maYbe
You just might *Like It* if I would
Write You One of those
*RoMaNtic Interlude* thingies
that have BeCome So pOpular lately.
SinCe Your're SO SPeCial
I'll Use a fEw *KeYwORdS* just
liKe thOse Romance Novelists do.





















































Her eyes *smoldered* with *unbridled passion* as
she granted them total freedom to move slowly up
and down the *hard lean* features of his face. His
*well chiseled* forehead *glistened* with tiny beads
of moisture in the firelight.





















































The prior *ennui* they felt while consuming their
repast of "chez legraze pate" died quickly as an
unseen energy *seared and melded* their thoughts
into *desire* for a brief, but eternal moment.





















































She moved ever so close to him.
Hot *fetid breath* escaped her *ruby lips* in little *gasps*.
She *groped erratically* for him in the darkness.





















































For a brief moment, as the fire flared hotly,
she thought she caught a glimpse of
*stark terror* flash across the *deep*
expanse of his smokey blue eyes,
just before they rolled up & backwards -
and he *swooned*....





















































It kinda GETS TO YA don't it??
('specially that *fetid breath* part!)

Have a *SPECIAL* Day






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