A Letter From God

My precious child,

To see your circumstances with temporal, human eyes is to see heartache, tragedy, reason for regret.

I know that, for I see it, too. But with my eternal eyes I can see more. I can see beyond your heartache to your healing, beyond your regret to your renewal, beyond your tragedy to your triumph.

For, you see, I am constantly at work in the child who has trusted all to me--at work healing, changing, renewing. I long for all of my children to know that I am committed to taking the bad, the tragic, the evil things that come into their lives and using them to bring about good things.

I am committed to redeeming every failure or injury or wrong. And what is more, I am using every human heartache to remold you more and more into the image of my Son.

Please, my child, keep these truths tucked away in your heart. And in the midst of this trying time, remember: Not one tear will be wasted.

Trust me and see,


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Updated January 10, 2017

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