Hearts To Hearts

All of the Hearts To Hearts links are to tender little vignettes, collected over many months for a specific reason. Even though each one has brought a tear to my eyes, and some have even made me weep, I have found them to be most inspiring, empowering and well worth sharing with others.

Some are small windows into adult life sitiuations but most are about children, and how utterly important they are to us and how blatent their hearts are in needing and giving love.

May these pages bless in some small way all who find themselves herein. May the child's heart buried deep within all of us, rise and surface, and if hardened, may it break and soften, that we may learn, and in learning, change, and in our changing affect the world.

God's Wife    The Crane    Why Me    Twenty Bucks    Ice Cream
Under Her Wings    We Won!    The List    Sociology Class
If Only I'd Known    Speeding Ticket    The Park Girl    The Blind Kid
Dad Can See    The Unlovely    The Pen Pal    Paderewski
Money For Daddy    Sing Michael Sing    The Empty Gold Box
Come Home Paco    The Golden Slippers    The Very Best Love
The Tip    Teddy Stoddard    Rescued
The Adopted One    Most Caring Child    The Blue Ribbon
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Updated January 10, 2017

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