Out Fishin'
Edgar Guest 

A feller isn't thinkin' mean,
    Out fishin';
His thoughts are mostly good an' clean,
    Out fishin'.
He doesn't knock his fellow men.,
Or harbor any grudges then;
A feller's at his finest when
    Out fishin'.
The rich are comrades to the poor,
     Out fishin';
All brothers of a common lure,
    Out fishin'.
The urchin with the pin an' string
Can chum with millionaire an' king;
Vain pride is a forgotten thing,
    Out fishin'.
A feller gits a chance to dream,
     Out fishin';
He learns the beauties of a stream,
     Out fishin';
An' he can wash his soul in air
That isn't foul with selfish care,
An' relish plain and simple fare,
    Out fishin'.

A feller has no time fer hate,
     Out fishin';
He isn't eager to be great,
    Out fishin'.
He isn't thinkin' thoughts of pelf,
Or goods stacked high upon a shelf,
But he is always just himself,
    Out fishin'.
A feller's glad to be a friend,
    Out fishin'
A helpin' hand he'll always lend,
    Out fishin'.
The brotherhood of rod an' line
An' sky and stream is always fine;
Men come real close to God's design,
    Out fishin'.
A feller isn't plotting schemes,
     Out fishin';
He's only busy with his dreams,
    Out fishin'.
His livery is a coat of tan,
His creed -to do the best he can;
A feller's always mostly man,
    Out fishin'. 
From "The Path To Home" 1919

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